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a flavor for and imitation of previously designs, a recurrent phenomenon considering the fact that historical occasions dependant on the premise that previously operates were in some way purer and easier. Cf. primitivism.

clever; acquiring lots of talent (typically in a bad feeling). an artful thief. vindingryk ?????? ?????? ????? ??????? astuto rafinovaný, vynalézavý listig snedig; udspekuleret ep?t?de???, ??a???astuto; con artimaña osav ??????? ???? ?? kekseliäs rusé?????? ????? prepreden ügyes cerdik, licin kænn, slægur astuto ??? ??? ??? gudrus, apsukrus viltigs; slipets licik gewiekstlistig, sluprzebiegly ???? ? ????? astuto viclean; abil ?????????? prefíkaný prekanjen vešt förslagen, slug ?????????????? kurnaz, seytan ??? ????????; ?????? ??????? ma mãnh ???

expressive model, fashion - a technique for expressing one thing (in language or artwork or songs etcetera.) which is attribute of a specific human being or team of people or time period; "many of the reporters ended up expected to undertake the sort of the newspaper"

vindingryk ?????????? ??????????? ????? astutamente obratne, rafinovane listig snedigt; udspekuleret ep?t?de?aastutamente; con mucha maña osavalt ?? ??????? kekseliäästi astucieusement ?????????? ???????????? prepredeno ügyesen secara cerdik kænlega astutamente ??? ???? gudriai viltigi; slipeti dengan liciknya gewiekstlistig przebiegle ?? ?????? ??? ? ?? ????? ??? astutamente cu viclenie ????????? prefíkane prekanjeno vešto fileörslaget, slugt ??????????????????? kurnazca ??? ??????? ?? ?????? khéo léo ???

a form of the late nineteenth century dependent on some Impressionist procedures and the applying of scientific theories of the whole process of eyesight; started by Seurat, who gave it the identify Divisionism, it is made of using dots of unmixed coloration facet by facet so which the viewer’s eye may perhaps blend them into the right intermediate coloration. Also known as Neo-Impressionism. — Pointillist, n. — Pointillistic, adj.

a movement in the late nineteenth century in French portray, characterised with the aim of reproducing an impact of a subject by usage of mirrored mild and colour and also the blurring of outlines. — Impressionist, n., adj. — Impressionistic, adj.

arts and crafts - the arts of attractive style and design and handicraft; "they sponsored arts and crafts so that you can persuade craftsmanship within an age of mass production"

c. Solutions of the action; imaginative functions considered as a gaggle: artwork on Screen inside the lobby.

interpret, represent - create a picture or likeness of; "The painter represented his spouse like a young Female"

vocabulary - the technique of methods or symbols serving as a method of expression (as in arts or crafts); "he launched a wide vocabulary of techniques"

(= talent) ? Kunst f; (= physical procedure) ? Geschick nt, ? Kunst f; there’s an art to driving this motor vehicle ? es gehört ein gewisses Geschick dazu, mit diesem Car zu fahren; there’s an art to it ? das ist eine Kunst; the art of war/govt ? die Kriegs-/Staatskunst; have a peek at this web-site the art of dialogue/translation ? die Kunst der Unterhaltung/Übersetzung; arts and crafts ? Kunsthandwerk nt, ? Kunstgewerbe nt

a Marxist-inspired inventive and literary concept or doctrine that phone calls on artwork and literature to promote the socialist bring about and sees the artist, writer, etcetera. being a servant of the condition or, within the text of Stalin, “the engineer of human souls.”

art - a top-quality ability that you can this contact form study by research and observe and observation; "the art of dialogue"; "It truly is quite an artwork"

ventriloquism, ventriloquy - the artwork of projecting your voice to ensure that It appears to originate from another supply check over here (as from the ventriloquist's dummy)

inventive creation, creative generation, artwork - the creation of gorgeous or important matters; "art will not should be have a peek at this web-site progressive to get superior"; "I was in no way any very good this contact form at artwork"; "he said that architecture will be the art of squandering House beautifully"

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